Our Mission

Funded by the sales of the books and film over the past decade, Chris’s Purpose supports a core of largely faith-based nonprofits featuring programs to help women and children create and maintain better lives for themselves. Though Christian in faith themselves, Billie and Walt actually choose to fund faith-based groups for a more intrinsic reason — they produce results. “One of the things we learned years ago is that faith-based organizations have a much lower recidivism rate, a fall-back rate, than others, and that’s a fact. If you have strong convictions about how to live a better life, it’s going to help you when times get tough, which they inevitably do. It’s then you need something more powerful to help you though it all.” The McCandless’ take a very hands-on approach when working with their beneficiaries, ensuring their funds are directed at programs that produce results within organizations of utmost integrity. Chris’s Purpose funds organizations located in the Virginia Beach, VA and Tucson, AZ areas where Billie and Walt reside.

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